Confirmed: Arbaaz Khan dating Romanian beauty Alexandra Camelia

Arbaaz Khan finally admitted that he is dating someone. But who is she? After lot of searching it was found that the actor-filmmaker has found love in Romanian beauty Alexander Camelia.

Arbaaz Khan’s name was also linked with Goa based restaurateur Yellow Mehra but she is not the one he is seeing.

When he was asked about Yellow Mehra, Arbaaz clarifies, "If you are talking about Yellow, she is just a friend. She is somebody who I meet when I go to Goa. She owns a restaurant. Alexandra – That’s my friend. I am dating, yes. But we are not… As of now, there is still a long way to go,” he said.

Arbaaz clarified that he and Camelia have known each other for more than 6 months. Arbaaz Khan’s Instagram account has few images of the pretty girl.

Arbaaz and Malaika maintained a cordial relationship post separation but he denied any chance of reconciliation. Arbaaz said, “I feel, if we had to get more time, we would have got back by now. The fact that we haven’t, means it is not meant to be. I wouldn’t want to speak for her. I kept my option open despite us parting ways, and I gave it a little time, whether it was a year or two years before I moved on in certain ways.”

He further added, “So I guess if that was to happen it would have happened in the first six months, or one year. It didn’t and it’s been almost three years now… ”

He also talked about his equation with his former wife, saying, “You have to just let go, what you do? It is not easy. We are on good terms. For a while, I wanted her to stay away from me. When you live together and are not together and yet you are together in so many ways, it gets complicated.”

Arbaaz and Malaika have filed for divorce at the family court and their divorce will be finalized in May. They were married for the past 17 years before calling it a quit.