College guys don Aamir's hair-style

Aamir Khan at Ganga Book LaunchPerfectionist Aamir Khan's every move is hatke. He is popular among every age-group. If he dons any new hair-style or put on any new look, it becomes a style statement for the youth. After Dil Chahta Hai, Aamir is again in the news for his new hairstyle that he has don for Tamil remake blockbuster Ghajini. Male students from most of the colleges in India are going crazy over his new partly shaved hair.

Especially the Bangalorean college going guys are adopting this new avatar in large numbers.  Saloons and parlors are jam packed with youngsters to get this cool dude look. But the college authorities are looking at this 'horrible hair style' in a bad eye. They feel that adopting this hunky funky look will bring down the reputation of the college. They are not at all happy with the move of the students and even warned them of taking strict action.

Aamir is stunned on knowing about this hullabaloo created by his simple haircut. It is hard to believe on his part.