Coldplay rock star Chris Martin performs impromptu in Delhi

British rock band Coldplay lead vocalist Chris Martin broke into an impromptu gig at a bar in New Delhi late Wednesday night. The singer and music director Vishal Dadlani were dining together at the Summer House Cafe in Hauz Khas when the singer stunned the crowed unawares with his performance.

Vishal shared about it on Twitter sending a storm across the Internet. “Ok, I just got off stage from standing around while Chris Martin of Coldplay did an impromptu set. Holy wow!!” he tweeted.

Replying to a tweet asking what was the event, Vishal posted, “It wasn't an event. We were at a dinner together, and he just went 'let's go play somewhere'! And, boom!”

Chris included ‘Viva La Vida’, ‘Paradise’ and ‘Fix It’ in his performance. The lucky ones who were present at the cafe took pictures and videos and posted them on social media.

Musician Raghu Dixit, actress Freida Pinto and members of the Internet comedy group AIB (All India Bakchod) - Rohan Joshi, Tanmay Bhatt, Ashish Sakhya and Gursimran Khamba were also present.

“Best night this year! Listened @ChrisOfColdplay sing and play my guitar and the crowd going Para Para Paradise!” Raghu posted. “Most surreal experience last night! Met n sang for the amazing @ChrisOfColdplay and the gorgeous @BecauseImFreida!” he tweeted along with pictures of him with Chris and Freida.

AIB’s Tanmay and Rohan also tweeted pictures of the surprise night and Instagrammed a video of the rock star crooning.

Chris started trending on social media and his popularity seemed to have made Indian pop star Mika Singh anxious who tweeted Vishal, “@VishalDadlani bhai who is he??? Is he bigger then me pls let me kno I'm in tension” (sic).

Fans who missed the impromptu gig also expressed despair in a series of tweets.

Chris and Freida are in India as goodwill ambassadors of ‘The Global Poverty Project’ Both are supporters of the non-profit organisation.