Clicked: Ranbir and Deepika on the set of ‘Tamasha’

Ranbir-Deepika jodi fans have a good reason to be elated. The rocking pair is back together to share the delightful on screen chemistry in Imtiaz Ali’s upcoming ‘Tamasha’. Last year, the two were spotted shooting for the film in Corsica, France. But it seems that the two are not happy about being shooting together. Around August 2014, Ranbir Kapoor requested Imtiaz to tighten the security on the sets. He was somewhat annoyed with the pictures and the videos – which showed him shooting with Deepika- were released on the internet.

Some onlookers of this ‘Tamasha’ had reported that Deepika has been maintaining a distance from Ranbir Kapoor while they are together on the sets. But it was later known, that the two are in fact enjoying each other’s company, as a source told the media, “After the shooting both Ranbir and Deepika play truth and dare along with director Imtiaz Ali on the sets. The two are quite jovial with each other while playing the game and all the crew members are having fun time with them.”

The movie was first titled ‘Window Seat’, as Ranbir had told the media. But later Imtiaz Ali revealed that it was only a working title and the title ‘Tamasha’ was then finalized. Imtiaz has even revealed Deepika’s role, “The character that Deepika plays in the movie is Tara Maheshwari and her family owns many tea gardens. We’ve borrowed the title of 'Darjeeling Impex' to portray the company for the film.” As for Ranbir Kapoor, he plays a Jaypee University of Information Technology graduate.

The filming in began in Corsica on 9th July last year. All was going well until the images of the track ‘Dil Ka Bayaan’, that was shot at Bastia Museum Café, were leaked. The shooting of the film made more headlines when a guest made an entrance on the sets. It was none other than Deepika’s boyfriend Ranveer Singh, who came to see how his ladylove was doing.

Fun and enthusiasm are like Ranveer’s shadow, and how could the sets remain untouched by his vibrancy! It is reported that Ranveer Singh watched intently as Deepika acted out her scenes. As soon as Imtiaz would utter “cut”, Ranveer Singh would clap for Deepika- which was normal. What he would do next, was to advice Imtiaz on how the scenes could be improved! Imtiaz was patient enough to bear it all, but it left Deepika so embarrassed that she left the sets early at times.