Clash of two big films Dhoom 2 and Don during Diwali

Shahrukh Khan at one point of time was one of the major stars in the Yash Chopra production house. The Chopra production house is extremely big and holds a lot of clout in the industry. Actors and actresses are more than happy to work with such a big banner. However it was later rumoured that there was a fallout between one of their biggest stars Shahrukh and the Chopra production house. Shahrukh was a superstar, but the Chopras refused to pay him his price for films. Unfortunately for Shahrukh one of the oldest and biggest production houses was not going to bend and instead signed on Aamir for their film Fanaa. Now yet again Yash Raj Films is trying to gain clout for their next release Dhoom 2 which will release around the same time as the Shahrukh starrer Don.
Even though the Chopras and Shahrukh have patched up, the Chopra camp is taking no chances for the release of their next production Dhoom 2. According to distributor Amod Mehra “Yash Raj has booked all the main theaters all over India for Dhoom 2.” According to sources Yash Raj Films (Chopras) who were also distributing Rakesh Roshan’s Krrish have got theater and multiplex owners to make a verbal deal. According to this deal those theaters that are screening Krrish currently will also have to screen Dhoom 2. The problem arises as both Dhoom 2 and Don are slated for a Diwali (October) release. Hence Don will have to be screened at fewer theaters.

However producer of Don, Ritiesh Sidhwani seems unperturbed by the Yash Raj strategy and says “I think there is enough room during Diwali for both films.” However according to sources from the industry when two big films clash they are bound to affect the business of the other. Nonetheless Yash Raj has a major clout over distributors and theater owners which was quite evident during the price hike for the screening of Fanaa. Hence the release of Don which releases during the same time is bound to get affected.

However Yash Raj Films completely denies making any verbal agreement with theater owners and claims that Dhoom 2 is a sequel to Dhoom which was a hit and the sequel will also star some big bollywood stars like Abhishek Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Bipasha Basu and Aiswarya Rai, hence there is no other strategy being used to lure audiences. Shahrukh Khan too is a superstar and has a huge fan following worldwide, hence it now remains to be seen whether Shahrukh can hold his own against the Chopra production house?