Haider v/s Bang Bang: Shahid to clash with Hrithik at BO

Bollywood is gearing up for a spectacular show down on 2nd October 2014, as it is the release date for both the films ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Haider’. However, it is a battle between Goliath and David.  Indian rupees 180 crore was spent to make the action thriller flick ‘Bang Bang’ while ‘Haider’ is only a Rs. 24 crore film. The box office pundits along with the movie buffs are eagerly awaiting the result of this unmatched competition.

The film ‘Bang Bang’ stars the pair of Hrithik Roshan and glamorous Katrina Kaif. The duo not only looks good together but they also share an onscreen sizzling chemistry. The movie is said to depict action sequences which will be the first time shown in a Hindi movie. It is a first paced action thriller. The film ‘Haider’ stars the pair Shahid Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor. The story of the film is set in the backdrop of Kashmir during the 1990s. It is a grim and gritty tale of human tragedies in the valley. A desi adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

The two films are as different as chalk and cheese. The trade analyst Rajesh Thadani echos the same sentiment as he stated, "Hrithik is altogether in a different league, so let's not compare them. Their budgets and costing are also different, so there is no space for comparison. Also, Bang Bang will have more screens compared to Haider, so let's not compare."

However, Shahid Kapur is confident before the show down. Shahid was asked why movie goers would select to view ‘Haider’ instead of ‘Bang Bang’ and he replied, “That’s why we make promos, which show content. Then, you are making an informed choice. Trailers are like sampling a product before you buy it. It’s like how you go to an ice-cream parlour and taste the flavours.”

Speaking about the comparison between the two films, Shahid also stated that, "So there are two very distinct choices for people to make. 'Bang Bang' is made at a very different budget from 'Haider'. So I don't see them clashing in terms of offering the audience the same thing."

The courteous Shahid even wished luck for ‘Bang Bang’ as he said, "We knew pehle se hi ki 'Bang Bang' was releasing the same day as 'Haidar'. I hope 'Bang Bang' does really well, I really like Hrithik's work and it's looking really good."

It seems that the competition between the two films will be no less interesting than the films itself.