Citylights: Here's what it makes a memorable watch

At this year’s National Film awards, Rajkummar Rao and Hansal Mehta won the best actor and best director award respectively for the film ‘Shahid’. This award winning pair has come together once again for the drama ‘CityLights’. The film has hit the theaters on 30th May. But before the public release, special screening was held for people from the film industry and everyone present there heavily praised the film. The early reviews of the film have also come out and the verdict is same as that of the film fraternity. Now it has to be seen how much the general audience likes the film.

The plot of the film is inspired by a 2013 British/ Filipino film Metro Manila but there is a distinct Indian flavor to it. It tells the story of Deepak Singh, a Rajasthani farmer and his family. They are forced by the circumstances to shift from their village to the big city of Mumbai. The rest of the plot deals with their struggle and the challenges they face in order to survive in a metro city. The theme of struggle and the struggler is not new in Bollywood. But in most cases there is an excess of pathos. Hansal Mehta has avoided that and has infused undercurrent of bitter irony and several plot twists to keep the film interesting till the end. Here are some of the notable things that make ‘CityLights’ a memorable watch-

 Ø  Hansal Mehta's signature style of direction. A gripping, dark, plot that is undercut by frequent use of irony.

 Ø  Rajkummar delivers a truly captivating performance. Right from the very first frame as he transforms himself and becomes the character with mannerisms, accented speech and uses his dreamy eyes superbly.  A notable scene is where he comes home drunk and breaks down in front of his wife, leaving the audience stunned.

 Ø Debutante Patralekha as Rajkummar’s wife gives a superb performance. Her delicate demeanor notwithstanding she can be ruthless as well. The scenes where she verbally spars with Rajkummar, it is difficult to believe that she is acting.

 Ø The surprisingly good factor of the film is the performance of Manav Kaul who plays the role of Rajkummar’s supervisor at a security agency.

 Ø The cinematography by Dev Agarwal with his use of minimal lighting and natural sources gives the perfect visual edge to the film.

 Ø Composer Jeet Ganguly and lyricist Virag Mishra makes a lasting impression with songs like  Muskurane’s and ‘Sone Do’.