Christopher Nolan to visit India this December

It is an exciting news for film buffs in India, influential film maker Christopher Nolan is slated to visit India this December. As per the reports, he will be taking part in ‘Mood Indigo’, the annual cultural festival organized by IIT Bombay. Nolan is slated to appear on December 28th. This news was first learnt from a Facebook post made on the official page for ‘Mood Indigo’. The post along with a poster of the event read, "'It's not a mountain, it's a wave'. The first event of Mood Indigo, IIT-Bombay's Illuminati 2014 is out - Christopher Nolan."

Posts were made on Twitter as well. A special contest has been also organized and the winners will get the chance to attend the event. A Tweet read, "Presenting the #NolanInIndia contest. Answer questions about Nolan's best movies and get a chance to attend the event at #MI2k14."  The news has created sensation in social media and fans of director made hundreds of posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Here are some of the posts from the fans, Theja Rio wrote on Twitter, “After reading this I’m having ‘Insomnia’. Losing my memories like ‘Memento’. For far too long, Nolan has been the idol I have been ‘Following’. Nolan has been my hero since the ‘Inception’ of my filmmaking obsession. Remarkable reputation and ‘Prestige’ in the film industry. Christopher Nolan is a ‘Dark Knight’ when it comes to filmmaking. My love for this man goes beyond Interstellar’ (sic).” Saurabh Naren, another Twitter user, wrote on Twitter, “WHAT! THIS CANNOT BE A JOKE!! tell me how to get an entry! any form? any enrollment? or direct entry on I-card? (sic).”

It is not yet clear what will be Nolan’s role at the event. Till now, the director’s representative has refused to confirm the news. The director enjoys high popularity in India, especially among the young generation for his ‘Dark Knight Trilogy’ and other successful films like ‘The Prestige’ and the cult favourite ‘Memento’.

His latest sci-fi film ‘Interstellar’ will release in India on 7th November. On the other hand ‘Mood Indigo’ is one of the biggest cultural festivals in South-East Asia. It started back in 1971. This year it will run from December 26th to 28th. This is not the first time that Nolan will be visiting India. He visited Rajasthan to shoot few scenes for his hit film, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ which is the final part of the highly successful ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy.