Chris Brown’s father Clinton Brown dislikes Rihanna

Chris Brown’s father Clinton Brown did not like his son Chris Brown and his on and off girlfriend Rihanna is back together again. He gets candid in an interview and said, "personally didn't want [Chris] and Rihanna back together."

"You have to have a balance in a relationship," Clinton said in the interview. "You have to have someone who is spontaneous and whimsical but you also have to have someone who is grounded and logical." He went on saying that he's afraid that the relationship would end up being a tragedy.

"I hate to use examples, but Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse mean I could go on and on!" he continued. "Is that a given -that you can't have fortune and fame without [death] being the end result?"

Clinton Brown’s choice is Jordin Sparks. "I personally liked Jordin Sparks She's a wholesome young lady, very pretty," Clinton also praised the "American Idol" winner who worked together with his son in 2008's single "No Air".

Clinton also thought that Chris and Karrueche Tran would make a good couple. "I liked [Karrueche] a lot. They seemed to get on terrifically. Whenever she was around me, the quiet, meek, accommodating, respectful image is what she portrayed," whom Chris dated before he rekindled his romance with Rihanna in late 2012.

Well, Clinton does not totally dislike Rihanna. He said that the 25-year-old pop singer"would make a good mom" after changing "some of her antics." He added, "The party attitude would probably have to change. I don't think they would just whimsically and spontaneously have a child with them being in this mode. That's why I don't see it happening -but anything's possible, man."