Ram Charan Teja involved in roadside brawl

Ram Charan Teja, the son of well known Telegu actor and tourism minister Chiranjeevi and himself a rising actor in Telegu films got involved in a roadside brawl in an incident of road rage. Matters went as far as the police station when the bodyguards of Teja attacked and punched two software engineers. However, no complaints were registered in the end.

The incident happened at a traffic signal near the GVK mall on Road Number 1, Banjara Hills at about 2.30. Teja was driving his Aston Martin. In front of him was a Maruti Alto, being driven by two software engineers who work at Genpact. The two techies were Phabeesh from Kondapur and Kalyan from Uppal. They were heading from Punjagutta to Kondapur. The car belonged to Kalyan.

The actor honked several times, but the car did not give him space. The area was highly congested. When Teja found an opening, he steered his car past the Alto and parked near the Rotary opposite GVK mall, obstructing the Alto. Since the whole incident was occurring in the left side of the road, it did not obstruct the normal flow of traffic.

"We heard the driver of the luxury car behind us honking, but due to traffic congestion, Kalyan could not give way. A minute later, the other vehicle overtook us and blocked our way," said Phaneesh to the media.

When Teja rolled down his glass, then only did the two recognize him. They tried to explain that they were not blocking him deliberately, but the actor was too enraged to listen. He called up his security team who is reported to have attacked and beaten up the duo. "The actor had an argument with us thinking that we deliberately blocked his way. While we were explaining to him that we had not done it deliberately, Ram Charan called up his bodyguards over the phone. Within a few minutes, four of them arrived at the spot in a vehicle and one of them punched me in the face," said Phaneesh. Even Teja himself is reported to have participated before he left the scene.

Matters reached such a pass that police had to be called. The two software engineers reached Banjara Hills Police Station to make a complaint. However, after they had prolonged ‘discussion’ the two left without making any complaint. So the police are not lodging any case.