Chingari: The spark in the life of a sex worker

Sushmita SenKalpna Lazmi is one of the top filmmakers of Bollywood. Her films are always based on the creativity of 'Woman'. She has the ability to reflect the women's lives under various situations. Her forthcoming film is 'Chingari. The movie stars Mithun Charkavarty and Sushmita Sen in the lead role. The movie is based on the life style of a sex worker. Sush is doing the role of a sex worker for the first time though. Kalpana believes that this unique film can have a profound impact on our society by transforming the lives of sex workers in India.
Excerpts of interview with Kalpna Lazmi
What do you want to convey through the film 'Chingari'?
The Northeast icon Bhupen Hazarika had written a story based on his experiences during the last twenty years. It is based on three characters of three age groups. A twenty-five year- old postman falls in love with a lady Basanti who is a sex worker and also older than him. On the other side in the film is a priest who falls for that woman. He is ready to cross every limit of society. In this film we have tried to throw light on the untouched aspects of the lives of sex workers.

Why did you base the story on the age-gap love?
No, we are not highlighting the romance part. We are considering the situation faced by sex workers. But the love track is only a part of the story.

Why did you give Uttar Pradesh and Bihar background when the film is based on Assam?
Uttar Pradesh and Bihar is not different from Assam. Since my last film was based on Assam in the background, so I chose other parts of the country this time round. I wanted some change in my forthcoming film. Marketing is also another factor. If a film hits or flops in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, then it will have impact on Assam too

Why did you choose lyricist Aadesh Shrivastav by ignoring your favorite Bupen Hazarika?
This decision was taken by Bhupen to introduce Aadesh in my film. Bhupen felt that Aadesh is the person who has composed three folk songs of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Does Mithun Chakraborty's character relate to any Shankaracharya?
No, it's not so. Mithun's role was written some twenty years back so there is no relation between the priest of film and any Shankaracharya.

Is Sushmita Sen your first choice for the role of Basanti in the film?
I must tell you that before Sushmita Sen I had approached ten other actresses and they had declined the Basanti's role. Sushmita has done a very good job. I regret that I didn't approach Sushmita for the first time.

Will Sushmita Sen get National Award for this film?
Not only Sushmita Sen even Mithun can get the National Award for this film. They have played their characters so well in the film and did marvelous job. Mithun seems to have got a very good role after a long time. Illa Arun has also played good character in the film.

Courtesy: Smashits