Chetan Bhagat shifts near Aamir

After ending the tow and declaring peace with the entire team of ‘3 Idiots’ including Aamir Khan, author Chetan Bhagat has made a new move. He has shifted his base to the Waheeda Building in Pali Hill, Bandra which faces Marina Apartments, the residence of the perfectionist Aamir Khan.

Bhagat’s new home is in between Aamir Khan and the bungalow of Aamir’s late uncle, Nasir Husain. A Pali Hill resident said, ‘‘Aamir and Chetan Bhagat have become neighbours now. Bhagat has already joined the Waheeda residents’ group.’’

Author Chetan Bhagat last week accused the team of ‘3 Idiots’ for not paying him the due credits as 70 percent of the story has been inspired from his book, 'Five Point Someone'.