‘Chennai Express’ booms, completes Rs 200 crores

Till last decade, the performance of a movie was gauged by the number of weeks the movie ran in a theater. Words like ‘silver jubilee’ and ‘golden jubilee’ used to denote the success of a movie. Today, the parameter of success is gauged by how fast a movie enters Rs. 100 crore club. And by that estimate, ‘Chennai Express’ has done a phenomenal business.

The race to enter Rs. 100 crore club has gripped film makers so hard that they constantly think of innovative ways and strategies to launch their movie.  They are so engrossed into finding innovative marketing techniques for their plump projects, that they have started ignoring the script and the cinematography of the movie.

‘Chennai Express’ was criticized for its ‘just ok story line’ and ‘over the top’ action sequences. Later, it went into controversy as it did not make way for Ekta Kapoor’s ‘OUATIMD’. Despite all these factors, “Chennai Express’ minted a business of Rs. 200 crores. The success of the movie can be attributed to a number of factors. The movie was screened in 3500 screens in domestic market and was screened in 700 screens in overseas market. Apart from this, the movie was dubbed in nine languages. Adding to this, the rate of tickets was inflated at the multiplexes. Of course, the audience that went to multiplexes usually travelled a long distance and faced heavy traffic of metro cities to reach theaters and so paying few extra bucks seemed ok to them. These all factors contributed to reach that huge figure of 200 crores.

Before the movie was launched, SRK went for a heavy promotion. He launched a cyber game based on the movie and made it available to both Jawa phones and Android phones. It captured a huge cyber audience and college goers.

The movie launched posters in a number of languages including foreign languages like German and Spanish. This was a big move to capture large audience.

Since, Shahrukh endorses a number of brands, he had a tie up with them for the promotions. They bore the promotional expenditure and in return got three weeks visibility in theaters.

Apart from these, Shahrukh, Deepika and Rohit Shetty made appearances on almost all the reality and TV soaps. Their presence attracted huge number of audience to the theaters.

The ‘lungi dance’ and the Rajini brand worked for the movie. Rajini has a huge fan following. ‘Lungi dance’ was a tribute to Rajinikant and a strong marketing technique. It was one of the major attractions of the movie.