Check Photos: Rani's three item songs in 'Aiyya'

Rani isn’t happy with one. Her movie Aiyya will see her doing three item songs.

The songs will revolve around the fantasy world that her character lives in. Being a diehard Bollywood fan she imagines herself to be a top actress going around the trees with his princess. Director Sachin Kundalkar also confirmed the news. He said, “In this film, the girl has this habit of dreaming. One of her item numbers is a lavani song, again in her dream.” The songs in the movie have been composed by Amit Trivedi. Three of them are item numbers.

Of the three songs one is a lavani song. Earlier we have seen Vidya Balan groove to it in her movie ‘The Dirty Picture’. It has been choreographed by Vaibhavi Merchant. Sachin had particular praise for that and said, “She was quite good with her lavani dance. She shared a great equation with Vaibhavi Merchant. She did rehearsals on the sets. So it`s a rapid, classical, sensuous lavani song.”

The second is a South Indian dance with co-actor Prithviraj Sukumaran. Speaking on that Sachin said, “Prithvi is an amazing actor and both are looking very fresh in the film.”

The third is a belly dance. Rani has worked the hardest for that. Her looks are quite stunning in this song.

This will be Sachin’s first movie in Bollywood. Earlier he had made a short Marathi film, titled ‘Gandha’ with the same theme. He also wants this movie to have a Marathi feel. Speaking on that, Rani had said, “My director Sachin Kundalkar wanted Marathi flavor. So right from the costumes to dialogues to pronunciation, everything is set right. He helped me with the Marathi dialect as I wanted to get it right."

Rani in fact was looking for an opportunity to do a feel good movie. Her earlier movie ‘No One Killed Jessica’ and the one coming up, ‘Talaash’ are of the serious genre.

At the first look of her movie, she is seen draped in ethnic Marathi saree. Speaking on her character in the movie she said, “My character Meenakshi Deshmukh is very filmy. She is huge fan of Sridevi, Juhi Chawla and Madhuri Dixit. She dreams about them and goes in fantasy world all the time.” She defined her character as mad, wacky and funny.

Hope the movie and the three item songs give a much needed boost to her career.
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Rani Mukherjee
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