Check Out: This scary selfie of the couple gone viral

Clicking selfie is a common move now-a-days. But this particular selfie of the couple is something too scary and is doing all round the net. It is views numerous times and taken internet by storm. Viewers failed to come to any conclusion.

The selfie has a couple, smiling all the way. The man in the picture is holding the camera phone while the woman clings to him. Behind them is a glass window pane and what one can see in the window pane is very eerie. Instead of the woman’s back, her face is seen in the glass pane which is impossible. No logic and no science have been able to solve the ghostly matter.

Now the question is how it is possible. Is she is a double faced woman or some photo shopped technique is being used.

The image went viral on social media no sooner a Twitter user @itsthemans shared it on his personal account and captioned it, "WHAT KINDA DEVLISH TING IS GOING ON".