Changes Made to the ‘Bigg Boss’ Rules for the New Season

The new season of popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ have begun with host Salman Khan and 15 contestants. This year the Bigg Boss house has been designed around an airplane theme while Salman as a host has taken up the pilot gimmick. Before the launch of the show Salman had promised several new twists in the show this season.

So far his promises have been fulfilled with the new set and also the introduction of the ‘Secret Society’, a group of contestants who are given some extra powers to influence the show. But according to the latest buzz surrounding the show, more changes are set to come with the first being new voting and eviction rules.

After doing extensive research, the producers of the show and the channel executives have decided that voting for the eviction of contestants will only continue for 24 hours. Unlike previous seasons, there will be no 5 day voting window. Once the nominations have been announced, voting will start from Thursday night and continue till Friday night. On Saturday, host Salman will announce the voting results and one of the nominated contestants will be evicted. The decision of a 24 hour voting period was taken because research among viewers has revealed that the maximum votes were cast in the last 24 hours, during the previous seasons.  

The addition of the ‘Secret Society’ has also created some surprise among both the audience and the contestants. After 15 contestants entered the ‘Bigg Boss’ house/airplane, the 3 members of the secret society were revealed. The three are- RJ Preetam, actors Deepshikha Nagpal and Puneet Issar. The three members will be safe from eviction nominations but can also assign tasks to the 15 ‘passengers’ of the plane.

However some people questioned the value of the secret society if the members were revealed so soon.  Salman Khan who has almost become synonymous with the show has reportedly used his influence to make several changes to the show. As per sources close to the show, it was on Salman’s request that actor Arya Babbar who is struggling to get a foothold in the industry was made a part of the show.

 Salman also reportedly brought back Chintan Gangar who played the Jallad character in the last season. Initially Chintan was excluded from this season but Salman had grown fond of him and called up the channel executives to make him a part of the show.