Chahatt Khanna ‘quarantine love’ with Mika Singh sparks dating rumour

Chahatt Khanna’s quarantine love with singer Mika Singh sparked dating rumour. The actress shared picture of her making paani puri for Mika. Their home quarantine picture fuelled the rumour of their secret relationship.

However, the actress broke her silence on their dating rumour and revealed that it is all for the promotion for their single titled Quarantine Love.

Chahatt told Bollywood Spy in a recent interview, “Logon ne mera dimaag kha liya hai (People are eating my head), literally. People are like, ‘Do not date him! Humara dil tod diya (You broke our heart)!’

Mika and Chahatt’s song Quarantine Love will be released soon and added that they shot for the video at his house. “Humne ghar mein hi shoot kiya hai (We shot it at home only), we are next-door neighbours. I just hopped into his house. Hum dono ne mil kar phone pe shoot kiya hai (The two of us shot it on the phone),” she said.

“People don’t know I am promoting the song. They think we are dating. That’s what the whole promotion plan was, to do something that creates a question in everyone’s minds,” she added.

Chahatt revealed that many people unfollowed her, thinking that she is in a relationship with Mika. “I don’t know why people have problems with him, he is a very nice person. We had good fun while shooting. We shot for two days,” she said.

On Saturday, Mika took to his Instagram stories to share a video of pani puri that Chahatt prepared for him. He also posted a picture of him going down his knees and kissing Chahatt's hand.