Censor board gives U/A certificate to ‘Murder 3’

It was long thought that movies getting an A certificate are removed from the mainstream and doesn’t do well in the box office. Not anymore. Now a days it seems that getting an A certificate is the ultimate status symbol in the Bollywood. At least the Bhatt camp has always taken an A certificate from the censor board in their stride and used it to their advantage in the marketing campaigns. The earlier movies ‘Murder’ and ‘Murder 2’ have proudly flaunted an A certificate and used it to draw the crowd to halls. Therefore it was a surprise when ‘Murder 3’ got a U/A certificate.

This might have been a result of the new director focusing more on the plot of the movie instead of the sensual content.  As Vishesh Bhatt states "My intention is to have a good story. We have come up clean in the third installment of the series. We have got U/A certificate and it is for the first time that a film in `Murder` series has got it from Censor Board." He farther added, "I am happy that the Censor Board saw my point of view and understood that I am trying to convey a good story."

Anurag Basu directed the sensual thriller ‘Murder’ in 2004 and the star cast included Emraan Hashmi, Mallika Sherawat and Ashmit Patel. ‘Murder 2’ was directed By Mohit Suri. It released in 2011 and had Jacqueline Fernandez and Emraan playing the lead roles. Both the movies are noted for their raunchy and bold scenes.

When the debutant director Vishesh Bhatt was quizzed about his take on boldness, he replied "I feel bold necessarily does not mean sensual or sexual content. It means being bold on various counts like showing dramatic content, relevant and hard hitting topics. At Vishesh Films, we are not apologetic of what we are making."

So was it a conscious decision to reduce the bold scenes from the film to avoid an A certificate from the censor board? Vishesh Bhatt says "I did not deliberately set out to increase or decrease bold content in `Murder 3`. Whatever was required in the story, script we have just put that out in the film." He also adds "I am not someone who would follow the trend and do things. I think people look for pleasant surprises when they watch a film."