Aamir re-ignites the rivalry with Shahrukh

Aamir KhanThe greatest rivalry in the Bollywood, the one between the two powerful Khans, Aamir and Shahrukh, has been refueled again. The professional rivalry, which at times has taken a personal twist, has been persisting for years now, with both of them competing for the numero uno position in the Hindi film industry. Time and again the differences between the two ace actors have resurfaced which is accompanied by mutual rebukes.

The professional rivalry reached a new height this time, thanks to Aamir Khan, who has reportedly refused to be a part of a television show which is set to be produced by Shahrukh Khan, despite his initial nod to the same. It has emerged that Aamir was approached by the UTV to be a part of the new show “Live my life”, but the actor apparently refused the offer for the sole reason that the show was being produced by SRK owned production company Red Chilies Entertainment.

The show “Live my life” is designed to be a celebrity centric program, which will provide the viewers with a sneak peek into the day to day lives of the celebrities whom they love and appreciate so much. The idea was to commence the show with a big name like Aamir Khan which will enhance the show’s popularity and viewership and attract a lot of viewers to view it regularly later. According to a source “Aamir is doing so well these days that he couldn't have been a better name to commence the show with. But unfortunately things did not work out”.

Reportedly, Aamir initially has shown his interest towards the shown and had agreed to be a part of it, but later on when he came to know about the association of Shahrukh Khan’s production company, he retracted his steps and denied the offer.

The producers of the show, disappointed by Aamir’s behavior, have now decided to open the show with nephew Imraan Khan, who is riding the popularity charts after the immense success of “Delhi Belly”. The source added  - “ Imran Khan is part of the show now, so I guess that was not really a problem. Aamir has been pretty busy with his own TV show that he hasn't had the time to look elsewhere.”

Whether or not the whole thing has added to anybody’s interest, it has ensured that the rivalry between the Khans is here to stay for a long time.