Celebrity yummy mummies who are inspirational

The glamour and film industry could be eyed by all as it gives fame, recognition and money. However, it has a major downside that is scrutiny. One is always in the glare of the media, and is always written about, and scrutinised for every action.

One factor that all is aware of is fitness. Even if an inch of fat is seen oozing from the not-so right place, one is dissected by the media. Thus the celebrities always need to stay fit. Thus the effects of pregnancy which poses a great hindrance to staying in shape too are reversed by these celebrities.

Let us look through some of the celebrities-turned-mothers who have managed to flaunt attractive and statuesque bodies post-pregnancy.

Aishwarya Bachchan-

One celebrity who received harshest flak from the media for her post-pregnancy fat was Aishwarya. Her weight gain was sensationalized by the media and was totally overblown. This ex-beauty queen had to face some of the cruellest remarks about herself and also had to give a glance to pictures taken from angles that brandished her double-chin and made her look overweight.

After maintaining a silence over all the hullaballoo created over her being plump she muzzled everybody by her slender and glowing avatar in a jewellery ad. She definitely has lost much of her post-pregnancy weight and is moving towards being fitter.

Celina Jaitley-

She gave birth to twins in the month of March in 2012. She recently was spotted in bikinis and this clearly shows how fit she has been post her delivery. The pressure of being in the entertainment industry itself provided her all the motivation and dedication to lose the excess of weight and be her shapely self again. But she took off that weight sensibly by reasonable diet plans and regular workouts.


She has two children today but it does not seem like it. She is hotter than ever now. She flaunts her curves in short dresses and thus spurs motivation into many mothers. She is definitely not the stick-thin but is definitely in shape. A healthy lifestyle and workouts helped her shed out her weight.

Karisma Kapoor-

She was the girl who in her prime time defined ‘sexiness’ and ‘hotness’ to her audiences. She had a perfect figure in times when weight was not given priority.

When she became pregnant she looked absolutely glowing and not overtly fat. She naturally gained a few pounds during her pregnancy but she lost it immediately and surprised everybody with her svelte figure. She definitely has the body that all mothers would die for.

She is a mother of two and she bounced back to her slim figure every time. Thus Karisma has definitely shown women that it is not impossible to lose weight gained during pregnancy.

Malaika Arora Khan-

She is one of the major inspirations of mothers-to-be as she has a near perfect body. She has always maintained a well-toned figure. She appears in top-notch item numbers and carries off the skimpiest of clothes without even letting an inch of fat being shown. This yummy mommy’s curvaceous body is clearly envied by many.

Shilpa Shetty-

She gave birth to her son Viaan this year and is already showing signs of losing weight. She was always known for having a slim and slender figure. After pregnancy too she has not lost her shape. She was always into yoga and thus this is what is keeping her fit these days.

Lara Dutta-

She shot a pre-natal yoga dvd and this is enough to say about her fitness level. It is because of yoga that she has not bloated too much post pregnancy. She is into her regular workout regime and yoga which is helping her body get firm day by day.
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