Celebrities caught in sex racket in 2014

This year was unpleasant for some celebrities who were embroiled in sex rackets and shocked the world:

1)Shweta Basu: Audience had loved her in ‘Makdee’, but the nation was dismayed when the young actress was caught in a sex racket in September. Shweta was arrested from a Hyderabad hotel. She was later sent to a rescue home, but she made strong statements against the media when she was released. She defended herself and claimed to be innocent, as she said, “I had gone to Hyderabad to attend an awards function, the Santosham Awards, and the organisers had paid for my air-fare and hotel stay. It was my bad luck that I decided to stay on an extra day to meet my friends which is when the raid happened. I don't understand how I got into such a big mess.”

2)Misti Mukherjee:  Her Lokhandwala apartment was raided by the police and her father and brother were arrested for selling pornographic material. The police found 25,000 porn CD’s worth Rs. 2 lakh! The actress denied all the charges, “When we returned from Goa on January 2, we found that our belongings were scattered all over the house. When I checked the locker, jewellery and cash worth Rs 1 lakh were missing. The CCTV footage was blank and the cameras hadn't recorded anything. I questioned the four servants about all this, but they denied any role in the incident.” It seems the servants robbed them and tried to divert attention by creating this scenario.

3)Divya Sri: This is a case of a classic mistaken identity. Only in this case it was not comical. A small time Telugu actress by the name of Divya Sri has been recently arrested following her involvement in a sex racket. She was caught red handed indulging in prostitution! The ‘B Tech Babu’ actress was arrested along with some other models and actresses. The police also said that some businessmen and big players were involved in this case. She was sent to rehabilitation centre and was quoted saying that many big heroines were also involved and such a thing was very common for them. However, many mistook Divya Sri to be the hit actress Sri Divya. Therefore, along with the reports of Divya Sri’s involvement in prostitution, erroneously photos of Sri Divya were published with the articles. This created huge confusion.

4)Deepti Naval: Her interview regarding the remade ‘Chashme Baddoor’ was spoiled when neighbours raided her apartment in Harmony in Madh Island. The neighbours complained that the interview was creating noise and disturbance in the neighbourhood. An irritated Deepti stopped the interview and left the place. Later she gave vent to her frustration and told her close friends that the neighbours were wrong as she was not doing anything illegal. Her comments were distorted beyond recognition and very soon reports cropped up in the media stating that the neighbours accused Deepti of running a sex racket at her place. Deepti bravely confronted the yellow journalists who made the sensational news. She boldly defended her husband and herself by bringing forward the facts and how her words were distorted and used against her.

5)Priyanka Chopra: The actress is the owner of a floor in a building in the posh Andheri area of Mumbai. She had leased out the floor to a spa owner. The police raided the place in November as they suspected a sex racket operating there. During the raid, the police rescued three women, while the manager Dinesh Chandrakant was arrested. Priyanka was not at all aware of the malpractice taking place in her property as she had trusted the owners of the spa. She was very upset when she heard the news.