Who slapped whom in Bollywood?

Bollywood is what we all know as ‘one big happy family’. It is a place where one actor thinks and considers about the other actor. It is a place with the human touch and its members share a warm and close relation to each other. However, within the tinsel town lie many glitches, many scandals that cannot be over looked. People love to know about Bollywood scandals and here are some of the famous slapping incidents that have happened in Bollywood and are talked about till date.

SRK to Shirish Kunder

Our popular King Khan is not all perfect. He too is among the list of actors to have slapped someone. When there was a big party to celebrate the excellent role of Sanjay Dutt in the remake of Agneepath, SRK happened to come across Shirish. He had been upset with him for a long time and when he heard him making fun of the failure of his film ‘Ra.One’ he gave him one tight slap on his face. However, things came under control when the two made up later on. Hopefully Kunder has learnt his lesson.

Govinda to Neeraj Vora

Govinda was working under Neeraj, who was making a film called ‘Run Bhola Run’, which is a movie under production for a long time. During the shoot of the film, Govinda had this feeling arising inside him and came to a conclusion that Neeraj was giving more on-screen prominence to another actor Aryan Vajid. This resulted in Govinda slapping Neeraj Vora. Although sources confirm this news, both the parties have denied the fact. Furthermore, while working for the film ‘Money Hain Toh Honey Hain’, Govinda had hit a fan of his again.

Akshay to Prakash Jaju

Prakash Jaju is Priyanka Chopra’s secretary. Akshay was linked with the actress in his former years and has reportedly slapped Jaju at a studio. This is because Akshay earnestly felt that Jaju had leaked bad rumors about him and Priyanka.

Salman Khan to Subhash Ghai

Salman khan had slapped people more than once. The most famous one is when he slapped film maker Subhash Ghai at a party. Ghai had made some comments which Salman did not like. When Salman’s dad got to know about his son’s behavior, he asked Salman to apologize to Ghai. This made Ghai forget everything and cast Salman for Yuvraaj.

These are some of the memorable slapping incidents that Bollywood is ashamed of even today. We hope to see less of these cases in the future.