Cartoonist in Bigg Boss 6, Aseem Trivedi set to go live

Well media has grown exponentially in the past few years. The Indian sub continent has witnessed the phenomenal growth and its power. The case in point is the recent arrest of cartoonist and activist, Aseem Trivedi.

Aseem Trivedi is a cartoonist and an active participant in Anna Hazare’s anti corruption movement. Reportedly he sketched a few cartoons on corruption and posted them on his website. This led to his immediate arrest on September 9th, 2012. The media reported this injustice and the subsequent public fury forced the government to release him and drop the charges against him.

Though, the incident was gross injustice handed out to Aseem Trivedi. It has a funny side to it as well and Aseem being a cartoonist might as well be relishing that. Our bureaucracy and police are so inefficient in stopping the huge scams and arresting the culprits, but in contrast they were so efficient and organized to stop and arrest a voice against corruption. Incredible!

India is getting recognized the world over as a country of corruption and scams and for good reasons. It is a good thing that the media has joined the fight against these ailments of the society. The popular televisions channel ‘Colors’ approached the cartoonist as soon as he was released from the jail. They requested him to appear on their reality show ‘Big Boss’ and he consented.

Ashok Trivedi, the father of the cartoonist speaking to a leading national daily, said “My son is not glamour-struck, nor does he have any inclination to be a part of the showbiz. He wanted to be on the show so that he can be seen and heard.” The doting father also added, "He will surely talk about his campaign but only if he is asked about it by other contestants. It is not that he wants to use the show as a platform to highlight his campaign, though I know he would not be able to stop himself if provoked. Aseem had time at hand and he thought the show was the best way to reach out to people. He is not doing this for money. He would rather enjoy being inside the house, which is a new experience altogether."

The season six of Big Boss is to be hosted by the flamboyant Salman Khan and the program will go on air from October 7th.