Bigg Boss 8: Captain Ali and Diandra Soares had a face-off

The latest season of ‘Bigg Boss’ has introduced interesting housemates and has also added new twists like secret society, new nomination/ voting rules etc. Before the start of the season, host Salman Khan had promised that there will be lots of twists and more drama this year and so far it looks like he has been able to keep his promise.

The latest surprise that came for the housemates and the audiences was the wild card entry of Ali Quli Mirza. The Dubai based singer-actor was made the ‘captain’ of the house straight away and began showing his no- nonsense attitude to everyone. It was clear from the first day that there will be some drama as long Ali Quli Mirza is around.

Soon after assuming responsibility of captain, Mirza began allocating different tasks to housemates. He even punished them if they did not do their tasks properly. Minissha Lamba, Soni Singh and Karishma Tanna all have received punishment so far and they are certainly not happy about it. Minissha said it was like a ‘boarding school’. 

The latest episode saw some more drama unfold between Captain Ali and Diandra Soares. Captain Ali had asked Diandra not to burn candles inside the house and to go outside. Diandra tried to explain her reason but instead was asked to raise her hands and stand in a corner. But Diandra refused and this made Captain Ali shout and he said that Diandra should not to show ‘attitude’. But Diandra shot back, ‘this is my attitude’ and proved that she is not ready to take orders from an aggressive person like him.

Ali Quli Mirza has also made a big splash with his interview before entering the house in which he claimed that he will make history. Ali said, "So far no wild card entry has ever won 'Bigg Boss'. I hope to change that. I hope to entertain inside the 'Bigg Boss'. Because I am an actor and singer. I see myself as a complete package. Jo jaisa ball phekega main waisa batting karunga (I'll behave according to the attitude of others)." He further added, "I used to believe in god. But the way my life has shaped up, I believe in destiny. From a village in UP where we had electricity for only a few hours, I went all the way to Manhattan to shoot Kabir Khan's 'New York', and now I'm in 'Bigg Boss'. If this is not destiny, what is?"