Candid Moments: Star couples flaunt love in public

We always see stars romancing their on-screen partner in reel. They hug them, smooch them and gets cozy with one another but celebrities flaunting love in public with their real partner is a rare sight and very pleasing sight. Fans love to see their favorite star getting too close with their life partner or fiancé or boyfriend/ girlfriend in public. Those candid moments are valuable treasure for fans and they cherished them throughout.

Media and paparazzi wait for this rare sight to capture them in their lens. Those rare intimate moments of the stars are locked on camera and hold it before the audience. From Aishwarya to Hrithik, couples kiss and hug their life partner in public which has been immediately captured on lens.

We bring to you some candid moments of the stars with their partner:-
aishwarya and abhishek
hrithik and suzanne
saif and kareena
shahrukh and gauri