Cancer survivor Nafisa Ali stuck in Goa without ration, medicines

Former actress and social activist Nafisa Ali, who is a cancer survivor, is stuck in Goa without ration and her essential medicines. As Nafisa is a cancer patient, she needs to take medicines regularly and due to lockdown she is stuck in Morjim, Goa without medicines.

Sharing her plight the 63-year-old says, “The groceries shops are shut for the last six days. I’m a cancer survivor; I need to eat proper food. I’ve been eating just dry ration for the past many days — there are no vegetable, no fruits.?We’re so cut off. I’m in Morjim and people here are having a terrible time. It’s only in Panjim that the situation is fine. My heart goes out to everyone.”

Nafisa informed that she and her daughter’s family only had plans to stay here for 10 days when they arrived early this month from Delhi but due to lockdown, they had to extend their trip. And now she is running sort of her medicines.

“My grandchildren’s schools were shut so my daughter was anyway scared for my health and so she asked me to come to Goa. And then there was the lockdown and everything is shut here. All my medicines are finishing. The courier services are not working so I can’t have them delivered from elsewhere. So what option so I have now? I’m not taking any medicines, which is not good for my health,” she says, adding that those medicines aren’t available in local medicine shops in Morjim and she can’t even go to Panjim to get it.

While she and her family are safe, Sodhi also shares her niece, Diya Naidu, a dancer, has been tested positive for Covid-19 in Bangalore.

“She came back from Switzerland and got herself checked and it was positive. She was in the hospital and has now recovered completely. The recovery rate is very good but people have to get the treatment, and for that they need to be tested. It’s very important and that’s how we can beat this,” she explains.