‘Call me chaachu’, says Salman to Imran

Salman Khan and Aamir Khan might sometimes catch in a brawl but Salman shares a good relationship with Aamir's Bhanja, Imran Khan. Imran narrates an incident when he met Salman Khan for the first time. “I met Salman for the first time, while shooting for his television show," states Imran. "From that day, he took me under his wing. I remember he told me, 'Aamir is 'maamu', call me 'chaachu'.' Of course, I haven't had the guts to do that as yet”, quips Imran.

Imran Khan’s charm may make many girls fall weak at his knees but the actor is smitten by someone else and he is none other than his perfectionist mamu Aamir Khan. According to Imran, his mamu looks so young even at 40 plus that he can throw an open challenge to any other actors half of his age. He said in an interview, "Aamir 'maamu' looks younger than me. And that's because of his healthy diet and lifestyle. I look at him in amazement! I hope I look as good when I reach his age, because right now, I look older as compared to him."

It was Aamir Khan who gave Imran Khan his first debut hit with ‘Jaane tu Yaa Jaane Naa’.