C Kkompany Press Meet

Tusshar Kapoor and Raima Sen


Tusshar Kapoor has rarely been linked to any of his co-stars and the same can be said for actress Raima Sen. So it’s no wonder then that their careers have been spiceless, cause what’s life without some masala. Look at how far their peers and other star kids like Kareena have gone, all thanks to the masala in their lives. So buck up guys and better spice up you’re lives, if you want to move ahead.


Tusshar kapoor


Tusshar Kapoor has been unable to capture the audience’s interest as a solo hero; hence he is now safely and wisely opting for multi-star projects. Luckily Tusshar is not too worried about bagging films, as sister Ekta has ventured into film production. Also if Tusshar’s film career doesn’t take off, he can always switch to the small screen, what say Tush?


Jeetendra Kapoor


Tusshar Kapoor is the star kid of veteran actor Jeetendra who managed to create quite a stir during his times. Jeetendra was at the event to promote Tusshar..er we mean Tusshar’s film. After all having a veteran actor as your father should have some advantages.


Anupam Kher with Mahesh Bhatt


Actor Anupam Kher can give many actors a severe complex as he has been working in the film industry and doing fine work since a few decades now, we think its high time Anupam passed on that rare talent to his students at his acting school. Look at director Mahesh Bhatt who has ‘taken chances with many new comers’ by giving them an opportunity in his films.


Anupam Kher revealed a secret at this event. Check it out yourself.


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