Brunah Abdallah finds help from salman in learning Hindi

The sultry beauty, half Arabic, Half Brazilian actress Brunah Abdallah has been seen in a number of cameo roles in several Bollywood films like I hate luv stories and in the song Subah hone na de in Desi Boyz. She has also appeared in small roles in a few South Indian films. Her looks are self evident while the item song in Desi Boyz brought out her talent for danmce. She has now got an offer for a small part in the Salman Khan starrer Mental which can open a host of new opportunities for her.

Salman has earned a reputation of being an excellent mentor to new actresses in Bollywood and Bruna has found her experience of working with the star an extremely learning one. Salman even helped her to master the Hindi language and that too faster than her current language teacher, Ujjwala.

According to a source, “Bruna is playing a small role in Mental. She got a call from Sohail Khan Productions offering her a part in the film being directed by him. Though the role wasn’t too big, Bruna felt it was a privilege to work with the Khans and she said yes immediately. Working with Salman has been a learning experience for her. Apparently, he helped her learn Hindi, faster than her current language teacher Ujjwala.”

Bruna said, “Every time we are ready to shoot, Salman will have an idea and some scenes will be improvised and everyone’s lines will change. It’s good preparation for me as I have to rehearse the lines every time we improvise. It was hard for me in the beginning but Salman somehow makes it easier. I’m more confident now from what I was before. I can dub my own lines. And I am getting to see actors like Tabu and Salman.”

She added that though she had been learning Hindi from a few teachers before, including Ujjwala, who is proficient in German she had found it to be very complicated. “I had a few Hindi teachers before her but I found it too complicated to understand the grammar. German is a very logical and specific language and Ujjwala is using the same methods to teach me Hindi. I can’t converse fluently in Hindi yet but I am able to dub, read and understand it,” said Brunah.

With so many small roles coming her way and her problem with the language clearing up, she will probably soon be seen in a leading role in Bollywood movie.