Brief history on couples in the past and present!

Shahid Kapur and Kareena KapoorFor all, who are interested of the link-ups and gossips here's history of our favorite stars in Bollywood, especially for you on Valentine's Day
1. Aishwarya Rai - first was heard liking Salman Khan but after his threatens and scary acts she decided to say goodbye to him. Later, she began seeing Vivek Oberoi and she still is.

2. ShahRukh Khan - good boy happily married to Gauri.

3. Hrithik Roshan - married to Suzzanne(daughter of Sanjay Khan/ ZayedKhan's sister), later linked up with Kareena few times.

4. Preity Zinta - linked up with Abhishek Bachchan and many models including Marc Robinson, Ness Wadia

5. Saif Ali Khan - married to Amrita Singh for along time but recently heard he's dancing around with Rosa, his new find.

6. Kareena - first was seeing Vicky Nilhani, later rumors linked up to Hrithik and now Shahid.

7. Salman - seriously loved Aishwarya for awhile but got over it n now he's happy with Katrina Kaif.

8. Abhishek Bachchan - declared engagement to Karisma but broke up. Linked with Lara Dutta and Preity Zinta lately.

9. Kajol married to Ajay Devgan - good happy couple

10. Rani Mukherjee - was with Govinda

11. Vivek Oberoi - engaged to model Gurpreet Gill but now dating Aishwarya Rai

12. Bipasha - was seeing Dino, later John Abraham

13. Akshay Kumar - first was seeing Shilpa Shetty, later married Twinkle and now rumors linkin him up with Priyanka Chopra