Brandsmith launches Woodstock Villa

Woodstock VillaLeading brand promotions company Brandsmith hosted the crew & team of Woodstock Villa in the capital city yesterday. Seen as the most awaited film of 2008, Woodstock Villa marks the debut of Sikander, son of legendry actors Anupam & Kiron Kher and Neha Uberoi.

Woodstock Villa has been in news lately for Kyun, the much-spoken about item number picturised on Sanjay Dutt & written and sung by The Aryans band comprising of DJ Narain, Sadu, Yakub and Sunny and in the true-blue tradition of band performances, Kyun qualifies as a rocking number with its heavy use of lead guitar and power chords, making it the first ever rock number in a Hindi movie.

Apart from a mind blowing perfromance by the Aryans at Tivoli Garden Resort in the evening to a select audience, the team of Woodstock Villa visited AAFT, Marwah studious for a packed press conference in the afternoon, with Rahul Mittra-CEO Brandsmith,lead actors Sikander Kher & Neha Uberoi, Gauatm Kohli-Head Marketing White Feather Films, Sandeep Marwah-President AAFT & DJ Narain and Sadu from Aryans on the dias.

This niche promotional event by Brandsmith was supported by AAFT, Tivoli Holiday Village, Tivoli Garden resort & well known vintage car & motorbike enthusiast Gurinder Singh who came in with roaring vintage bike beauties, which were aesthetically placed next to the stage.

"We are elated at the success of this promotional tour of Woodstock Villa and are happy to be associated with Sanjay Gupta & White Feather Films,"said Rahul Mittra CEO Brandsmith,while addressing the national media.