Boys used to call Bips the ‘Lady Goonda’

After Salma Khan, Priyanka Chopa, it’s now Bipasha Basu revealing her secrets on Farah Khan’s chat show, ‘Tere Mere Beech Mein’ in the theme ‘Ghar Ka Beta’. The sultry actress divulged her childhood secrets and the nickname she was being called. Bips said that in Kolkata, she was nicknamed ‘Lady Goonda’.

She says, “Lady Goonda” (she laughs and claps). I used to keep a stick in my hand and straighten out all the colony boys if they acted smart. I used to be very short as a child and I was the monitor in school. When the tall boys would be up to mischief, I’d jump on their back during breaks and pull their hair and beat them up.”

Farah smiles and says, “Those boys must be regretting now that if only you’d pull their hair off now!”