Boney Kapoor enters into an ugly spat with Ram Gopal Varma

Sridevi slaps a legal notice on filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma over the title of his new film, ‘Sridevi’ which is based on teenage desire. The poster looks vulgar where a teenage looking into the private parts of a housewife. Controversy favourite child RGV refused to change the title of the film despite receiving legal notice from Sridevi. Producer and the actress’s husband Boney Kapoor decided to fight against RGV till his last.

"Ramu may be well within his rights to do the film, but he is contradicting himself. On one hand, he says that he is an ardent fan of my wife and on the other, he has used her name to promote sleaze," says Boney. Boney has sent Ramu a legal notice, but he's not stopping there. "I'll go to any lengths to protect my family," he adds.

RGV said in his reply, "I am deeply hurt by this action of Sridevi whom I always admired and respected. I am going ahead with the title, Sridevi, because I am well within my legal and moral rights to use it," declared the filmmaker.

In his explanation, RGV said that the title has been authorised by the Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber (APFC), RGV stated, "The APFC replied saying that they are well within their rights to grant the title to us. Moreover films with the same title have been made and released at least 3 times in the last two decades. A name cannot be copyrighted and the film has nothing to do with the real Sridevi. Neither is the woman playing the title role in my film an actress nor is the boy a director. Also there's a huge age gap between the boy and woman in the film which is not the case with me and the real Sridevi."

The filmmaker said that he has the highest regard for the actress and he would never do anything which would demean her. "I always admired and respected and I strongly believe that she was influenced by others with vested interests. When Mr Boney Kapoor called me I explained to him both orally and in a message clearing the speculations on the so called controversial content of the subject. I know in my heart that I will never do anything to degrade or demean Sridevi and the final outcome of the film will prove that," he adds.

Sridevi’s lawyer in the legal notice said that Ram Gopal Varma had to furnish an unconditional apology within three days of receiving this notice and if failed he had to face the legal proceedings.

The tension brewed between the filmmaker and the actress when Ram Gopal Varma announced title change of his film from 'Savitri' to ‘Sridevi’. The film is based on a teenager’s lust for a young woman.