Boney Kapoor dines with daughters Khushi, Janhvi and Anshula

After Sridevi’s demise, Boney Kapoor is spending a lot of time with his daughters, Janhvi and Khushi. Last night, Boney Kapoor was clicked while exiting a restaurant with his three daughters, Anshula, Janhvi and Khushi. The foursome was spotted outside a suburban restaurant. They had gone to dine out at Bastian.

After Sridevi’s demise, the bonding between Arjun Kapoor and Jahnvi-Khushi has strengthened. Arjun proved a protective brother and he too supported his father to sail smoothly through these hard times.

Arjun Kapoor often spends time with his two half-sisters. Lately, Arjun hosted a private dinner at his residence and invited his dad Boney Kapoor and half-sisters, Janhvi and Khushi. Boney Kapoor totally devastated post Sri’s death and he is trying to cope with the hard truth of his life and slowly getting back to the normal life.

Arjun Kapoor has been a constant support to his father post Sridevi’s demise.