Boney Kapoor breaks down while talking about late wife Sridevi

In trade analyst Komal Nahta’s talk show Aur Ek Kahani, Boney Kapoor broke down while talking about his late wife and noted actress Sridevi.

The teaser showed Komal asking the producer if there is a moment in which he doesn’t miss Sridevi, he said, “Namumkin hai (it’s impossible)”, hiding his tears.

When Komal Nahta asked Boney about making a wrong financial decision to which the producer replied, “There has to be someone who understands that I haven’t used my money for a wrong purpose...I haven’t lost it in a gamble or a race and I am aware of my mistake. In this case, if you do not have support at home, support from wife, that support you can’t find in anything.”

Komal and Boney also shared a laugh when Boney said that he is still tall and trim and good looking.

On Sridevi’s 55th birth anniversary, Boney said, “She couldn’t complete her schooling, she couldn’t complete her college because she was so involved in her work, she deserves the recognition, respect and the tributes which are being paid to her all across the globe.”

He had added, “Today this vacuum, this void cannot be replaced but the good wishes and the goodwill that she has left behind is something that we can live with... She is with me, in my memories...with my children. I feel the loss of her every second of my life, not just me even my children do. This is something that we have to live with. Unfortunately, she was snatched away from us sooner than anybody expected.”