‘Bond’ Pierce Brosnan in pan masala ad; Twitter goes crazy with jokes

Hollywood actor Pierce Brosnan, popular for playing the character of James Bond, returned to being the British Spy, but for an advertisement of an Indian pan masala brand. The first visuals of the commercial were out on Friday (Oct. 7).

The print ad splashed across a leading national daily features Pierce Brosnan holding a can of Pan Bahar, with the tagline ‘Class never goes out of style’. The actor’s signature is also there in the add. The video also has all the trappings of a Bond film with luxury cars, hot women, incredible stunts and Bond’s weapon – a can of Pan Bahar.

The ad campaign has sent internet into a tizzy with users trolling the ad for its association with the iconic character. Jokes and memes taking a dig on the pan masala brand and Pierce Brosnan have been doing the rounds on social media.     

A user by the name Sahil Shah tweeted, “Breaking News: Pierce Brosnan to come in a new movie ‘The Adventures of Peter Paan and Captain Thook’.” In another tweet, he posted a picture of red colour splashed on a wall and wrote, “New game for all Bond Villains: ‘Is this a bloodshoot wound or a paan stain?’”

Another user said, “Pierce Brosnan is Pan Singh Tumor”.

Another hilarious tweet was by a user who goes by the name Ashwin S Kumar (@ashwinskumar). The person posted a picture of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal chewing pan near a stall selling it and other tobacco products, and wrote, “Why should Pierce Brosnan have all the fun?”

Comedian Sorabh Pant posted an image of the full page ad on a daily and remarked, “Pierce Brosnan endorses Pan Bahar. S***w you, Hugh Jackman. And, Micromax. THIS is the greatest Make in India moment.”

Another user juxtaposed two images of the actor in his Bond avatar – one holding a gun and the other holding Pan Bahar, and wrote, “Pierce Brosnan_ Pan Bahar Pic1- when you want to kill others. Pic2- when you want to kill yourself.”

“Priyanka Chopra chews Rajnigandha & now Pierce Brosnan chews Pan Bahar. Now I know why I am not successful, will start chewing gutka today” tweeted another user.

Pierce Brosnan has worked in films like ‘GoldenEye’, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, ‘The World Is Not Enough’, and ‘Die Another Day’.

This is his second endorsement of an Indian product. He had earlier endorsed suiting fabric Indian brand Reid & Taylor.

Watch the ad here: