Bomb scare at superstar Bachchan’s residence

On Wednesday, July 4, superstar Amitabh Bachchan and his entire family were in for a rude shock when they were asked to immediately evacuate their residence ‘Jalsa’ as the police had received news that there was a bomb planted at the Bachchan residence. Police immediately evacuated the Bachchan family and their entire household help as the bomb squad was called in to check the premises. However after doing a thorough search of the Bachchan residences ‘Jalsa’ and ‘Prateeksha’, it was declared that the bomb scare was a hoax.
The police had supposedly received intimation from a news channel who had received a fax stating that a bomb would go off at superstar Amitabh’s residence ‘Jalsa’ at 4.30 pm in the evening. The bomb squad did a thorough search for more than an hour of ‘Jalsa’ as well as Amitabh’s other residence ‘Prateeksha’ which is also within the same vicinity. However after no bombs were detected, the Bachchan family were allowed to return to their residence. Police were not sure whether the fax that they had received was a prank, but obviously they were not about to take the matter lightly when one of bollywood’s biggest superstars were concerned. Amitabh too later gave a statement to media channels stating that the bomb scare was a hoax everything was now fine.

The police are investigating the fax that was sent and the entire matter. At the time of the bomb scare, supposedly only Amitabh and his wife Jaya Bachchan were in town, whilst son Abhishek and his new bride Aishwarya were out of town on a shooting schedule. The news shocked many of Amitabh’s fans as no one could fathom who would want to hurt the star or even play such a ridiculous prank. Recently due to heavy rains lashing the city, the Bachchan residence ‘Jalsa’ was also flooded with water. The bungalow is quite old and hence water began to seep into the house, however Amitabh claimed that as the rains were a natural cycle there was nothing much that could be done about the issue.

Recently Amitabh and his wife attended the launch of a book ‘The Making of Samovar’ which pertains to a little café, Samovar where often in earlier times some of the countries biggest artistes were seen in their struggling days. Jaya Bachchan was seen in a particularly nostalgic mood and she revealed some fond memories of the café. Jaya said “I’m letting out a secret; the first date that my husband took me out for is here, Café Samovar. That’s all he could afford.” Even Amitabh seemed to be reviving his old memories of the place and claimed that one of the reasons that they visited Café Samovar was that often when one when is struggling in life, one needs the company of others in similar circumstances and at the café they always saw and met those who were facing similar trying times.