Bollywood Tweets on Delhi gang-rape case

The appalling case of a medical student gang-raped on a moving bus in Delhi  has made headlines across the country. The brutal rape and torture occurred on Sunday night when the woman along with her male friend boarded a private bus after watching a movie. The woman was beaten up, stripped and raped by at least seven men who were inside the bus. The rape has sparked an outrage among social activists, politicians and students. Bollywood actors also expressed anger and concern over the safety of women in India. Prominent celebs from Bollywood have taken to twitter to vent their feelings of disgust and fury. Deepika Padukone,Farhan Akhtar ?, Shabana Azmi, and Karan Johar were among the many who expressed their concern. Here's a look at what Bollywood celebrities are tweeting about it.

Farhan Akhtar [email protected]
Yes we can stoop lower as a people. The Delhi bus gang rape is proof of that. Is justice asleep?

Karan Johar [email protected]
Disgusted and apalled at the tragic rape incident in Delhi...severe and immediate punishment has to be served!!! It’s shameful...

Azmi shabana [email protected]
Rape under reported bcoz victim is blamed dat she invited it.Ven woman says she is raped onus must rest on accused to prove otherwise.

Sarita [email protected] Tanwar

The guys who raped the girl in the moving bus on Sunday should be castrated and then stoned to death in public. That would be justice.

Deepika Padukone too echoed the sentiments of the Bollywood industry as she retweeted Farhan Akhtar and Sarita Tanwar.