Bollywood stars support designer Anna

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan chilling with Anna Singh


Aishwarya Rai has been in the film industry for a long time and she has a long standing professional as well as personal freindship with designer Anna Singh. Hence it was only natural that Ash would attend the launch of Anna's designer store, as Ash does not forget her friends, atleast some of them. However it was a major disappointment to see Ash attending the event in a plain white top and blue pants, which was not very flattering. Perhaps Anna should have gifted Ash an outfit to attend the event.


Kajol with sister Tanisha and designer Anna Singh


Also present at the launch of Anna Singh's store was actress Kajol and little sis Tannisha. Anna has been designing in bollywood since quite a while, but it sure was a disappointment to see her muses attend the event with a complete lack of style. Kajol had donned a flower printed kurta with a golden border for the event, Kajol dear no doubt you are one of the top actresses and have proved your mettle, however your sense of style does not seem to have moved along with your career graph. Well what can we say about sis Tannisha, she looked like a plump peach, but her outfit definitely seems to be going down in the same direction as her career.


Sexy Kim Sharma in a short black and white dress


Kim Sharma is rarely seen on-screen, in films these days. Now girl you aren't still mending a broken heart for cricketer Yuvraj Singh, are you? Well it's probably more to do with Kim's acting than her pining. Kim Sharma attended the event in a teeny weeny black and white funky dress, no doubt she preferred to stand right through the event.


Mohammed Azharuddin with wife Sangeeta Bijlani


Sangeeta Bijlani has left behind a tumoultous past with Salman Khan and seems happy with marriage to ex-cricketer Mohammed Azharuddin. Sangeeta no doubt made the right choice at the time or perhaps she still would be waiting around. This couple surely seems happy together, and that's probably because neither of them is in the limelight any more, one is an ex-cricketer and the other is an ex-actress.


Karan Johan at Anna's party


Karan Johar, actor, costume designer, director, talk show host, anchor, and also the man privy to plenty of bollywood secrets. That's probably why everyone is nice to Karan, no one wants their secrets to come out in the open now, what say SRK?

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