Bollywood stars' makeovers in the upcoming releases

Bollywood film industry is known to entertain and enthrall the global audience all around the year with its fantastic movies and scintillating starts. Like in the past , the stars of Bollywood are all set to give us amazing movie viewing experience with their astounding makeovers this year as well. Here is a look at the few releases which are scheduled in the near future in which we are going to see out very familiar stars in very unfamiliar get up.

Shilpa Shetty in “The Desire”
Shilpa Shetty





















The Bollywood movie audience will surely be in a state of shock on seeing Shilpa’s appearace for this movie. Shilpa plays the role of a lesbian monk in the movie and sports a shocking bald look. Industry sources confirm that Shilpa had to work very hard to essay this role and has to go through a pain staking make up session of as long as 3 hours everyday!

The movie also featuring Chinese actor Xia Yu portrays the various human feeling of love, art, music and philosophy and is shot in various locations in Asia.

This would be a transformation from the sexy image that Shilpa is used to essay.

Katrina Kaif in “Bodyguard
Katrina Kaif















Katrina Kaif is doing a sexy item number “Aya re Bodyguard” in this soon to be relased movie which features Salman Khan as the male protagonist.

The song is generating enough interest in the movie lovers, because after their break up , this is the first time Salman Katrina pair is working together. Sources inside the industry say that Katrina has worked very diligently for this song which also happens to be the very next item number after the very successful “Sheila ki jawani”.  She has taken extra pain to make the song at par with her last hit item number and has made sure that the steps look extra gracious and sensuous.

SRK in Don 2 and RA One
Shahrukh Khan















Unlike his meterosexual looks in Farhan Akhtar’s DON , Shahrukh Khan is going to sport an interesting raw and unpolished look in the sequel to the movie. Some stills from the first look of the movie show Shahrukh having long hair locks and an intense penetrating stare. He also sports a tattoo which is going to reflect the DON attitude well.

With these highlights, it is quite understandable that the coming Bollywood movies will give us a great time while munching popcorns.