Photos: Bollywood stars and their children

B Town stars and their family life are always at the focus of stealthy glances, paparazzi in addition to that of official shots. Given to create phenomenal ripples amongst media persons and photo shooters, they often give rise to picture perfect frames of happiness, beyond the realm of controversy and negativity. It will be interesting glimpsing into some of the interesting photo shoots of the bygone year. 

 1. Mama, grandpa & grandma with their little wonder
Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


As mama Bachchan, dada Bachchan & Grandma Mrs. Rai made their way out of the nursing home with their cutie pie draped in pink wrap, it indeed painted a picture perfect scene of happiness. Though camera could barely catch the facial expression of the newly born Ms. Bachchan; the mom, grand dad & grand mom were thrilled to bits to walk their way to the new role reversal.

2. Farah with her triplets
Anya, Diva and Czar

Having delivered a wonderful trio of three bony babies, one of the most promising choreographers of Bollywood seems to be having a rollicking time of her life, reveling in the cute companionship of her   little bunnies- Diva, Anya & Czar. The choreographer cum director got hitched to Sirish Kunder in 2004, before delivering the awesome trio in 2008.

3. Hema Malini with her supportive twosome
Hema Malini

The proverbial dream girl of Bollywood always seems as proud as punch in the supportive company of her lovely twosome-Esha & Ahana. While dance recitals on the trio’s part are frequently popular, celluloid is yet to sizzle and scintillate with the combined performance.

4. Hrithik & Sussane with their little darlings
Suzanne and her children

The family frame of Hrithik Roshan looks as joyous as spring when Hreehan & Hreedhan are there to accompany their flourishing parents. The happy foursome had a whale of time, at Madame Tussauds, where Hrithik’s statue was unveiled. A gala family gathering indeed!

5. Mrs. Dutt & Sanjay with twins
Manyata's twins




Sanju baba & his better half seemed to have tracked the much needed happiness following the birth of their lovely twins. The first birthday of the bonny babies had the couple on cloud nine as they threw a wonderful bash to welcome guests from B Town’s glittering alleys.
6. SRK with his lovely daughter

Shahrukh with Suhana

The Badshah of Bollywood has proved his mettle not only as a dynamic role player; but also as a responsible family person. The doting dad of a son and daughter looks as enthusiastic as ever to give company to his growing children, even it includes being on cycling spree.