Bollywood stars add glamour to South African Diwali

Amid a glittering fireworks display, Bollywood stars Dino Morea and Meghna Naidu added a touch of glamour to Diwali celebrations here.

Thousands turned up for the Diwali celebrations at a stadium. Security officials had a tough time keeping away many young people, especially scores of expatriate Indians trying to shake Morea's hand or take pictures of him with their mobile phones. The two were guests of the Rameshwar Mandir.

The two actors were brought by Sahara Computers, who also sponsored one of the largest fireworks display in the country.

The Diwali celebration was moved from the premises of a temple in the suburb of Lenasia to a nearby sports field for the first time this year because the temple grounds could no longer accommodate the crowds.

Adjacent to the sports field, the magnificent Swaminarayan Mandir also attracted nearly 10,000 visitors.

A huge floral 'rangoli' design exhibit made of 250,000 bits of rolled tissue paper in bright colours painstakingly put together over three weeks by a group of women attracted the most interest.

The Swaminarayan Mandir was also lit up by 10,000 diyas, many lighted by guests. People turned up from all over the country to view the sight.

Diwali and New Year festivities ended here Saturday with the Annakut Festival at the Swaminarayan Mandir in the suburb of Mayfair, where hundreds of devotees participated in preparing a thousand dishes of sweets and savouries that were on display as an offering to welcome goddess Lakshmi.

Indo-Asian News Service