Bollywood SMS Junkies

Abhishek BachchanSometimes the sound of silence can hit you. Imagine being caught in a boring board meeting or travelling to work and the sheer joy of letting your fingers do the talking, without using your vocal chords. Thank god for SMS (short message service) that enables you to stay connected to people you want to, without letting the person sitting next to you figure that out. SMS is popularly accepted as a disorder (the first SMS was sent in late 1992 from a personal computer to a mobile phone on Vodafone’s UK GSM network) hugely popular amongst busy executives on the move, teenagers and closer home, some of Bollywood heartthrobs, who spend most of their...
...waking and working hours hitting the mobile buttons.

Ask Rani Mukerjee, who sometimes sends as many as 8-10 messages a day. “SMS enables me to keep in touch with friends,” she says. Vivek Oberoi even dishes out quotes for articles on SMS. Vivek admits that he’s even sent 10-15 SMS messages to friends when he was home recuperating after the accident last year. “I read and answer almost all the SMS that comes to me,” he adds.

It’s officially accepted that SMS, a heady addiction, is also a sign of bad manners. Kareena Kapoor, for example, has been known to send and receive “20-25 SMS messages a day” and even when doing interviews or waiting for shots she doesn’t stop SMS-ing. “I don’t mean to offend, but I love sending and receiving SMS messages to my sister and friends.” For Tabu, sending a message is the easiest way “to keep in touch with my friends since I am too lazy to call!”

Bobby Deol enjoys reading jokes on SMS. “I send 8-10 SMS a day. I’ve heard that in Japan, mobiles sending I-mode messaging service are susceptible to a virus that affects the mobile’s basic functions!” he says.

Hrithik Roshan never picks up his mobile unless you dash off an SMS first. “I get many crank calls, SMS allows me to screen them. I send 5-6 SMS messages at the most in a day.” Chhota Bachchan, Abhishek, admits to have “initiated dad Amitabh Bachchan into SMS-ing. We even share dirty jokes!”

SMS junkies, of course, have to pay a price (and we aren’t talking money). Chances are that you might even face a text message injury – SMS-ing numbs your fingers if you are at it for too long. Next time you get a high SMS-ing, remember that!