Bollywood's Patriotic movie lineup

Patriotism is a feeling that is hidden in all of us in some form and comes out only under certain circumstances or some form of inspiration. This emotion is so strong and worthy that it has inspired a number of Bollywood movies, which has been immensely popular among the masses. Listed below are some such movies which re defines the idea of patriotism in 21st century.

1.Lage Raho Munnabhai
Lage Raho Munnabhai














This was a highly successful movie, which is a tribute to the father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi. The Film received accolades from the audience and the movie critics and has won several awards from many categories. The movie re introduced the concept of “Gandhigiri” which means peaceful opposition to a violent treatment or force, which is the talisman to succeed according to Gandhi. There were several instances of peaceful protest in the country which brought fruitful rewards, following the movie.

2. Peepli Live
Peepli Live










Written by a NDTV journalist, this movie is a fine piece of work that depicts the extent to which journalism has today got associated with sensationalism. Parallels can be drawn between the movie and the current anti corruption movement led by Anna Hazare, in terms of the handling of the issue by the print and electronic media. The presence of a hero, a villain and a cause makes a perfect combination for the media to cater and sell. The same fact has been highlighted strongly by this movie, along with the passion of patriotism.

3. Lakshya













A very simple but dramatic illustration of how patriotic feelings generate and overwhelm the heart of a careless young man, this movie is truly a reflection of the meaning of patriotism of the contemporary India.

4. Rang De Basanti

















This movie has been the most talked about patriotic movie, that connects with the youth , and will remain so for a long time to come for the sheer passion and originality of the  plot.

5. Rajneeti















This movie explores into the lives of the politicians and the dangers lurking in the political arena. It shows that within the dark clouds of politics, there lies a silver lining and some good people who care about the nation and welfare of the common people.

In conclusion, we can understand that these movies show in some form, the various shades of patriotism present in the people of our society and the people of our country rise up to the occasion when  their contribution to the motherland is needed.