Bollywood's most feared prankster

<a href='//' title='Ajay Devgan' class='article_display_tag' data-id='ajay-devgan' id='article_tag_data_ajay-devgan' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Ajay Devgan</strong></a>He is brooding; he is intense and aloof if you please but tear that mask and you have a prankster lurking in there.
We have the vote of the entire Kaal starcast who agree that Devgan can be quite a devil! What we learnt of him of late was that on the Jim Corbett schedule of Kaal, Ajay was upto mischief again.
And this time, the target was his costar of many films, Oberoi.

It so happened that it was Diwali and the whole cast was hanging out doing a small time Diwali celebration. And that is when Ajay got his mischief rub. The star set a blazing rocket in Vivek Oberoi's direction. The guy standing across some distance was completely unaware only to realize something wrong when he heard a hissing noise approach him. What he saw shocked the hell out of him but this time, he wanted to avoid it rather than confront it (he was wearing a kurta gifted by girlfriend Ash, you see) So the guy does the best possible thing in the given situation, he ducks. And thankfully, the clothes were left unscathed. And yes, Vivek too didn't hurt himself.

We think Ajay should thank his stars for that. Had the prank messed his dressed, it would have been trouble time. You see, its tough for the media to attend a conference amidst the woods!

Courtesy: Indiafm