Bollywood's hottest at Triumph Lingerie Show

Preity Zinta, Priyanka Chopra, Gauri Khan at Triumph Lingerie Show


Farah Khan, choreographer turned director had two superhit films and on the personal front had triplets. However this spunky lady recently decided to return to choreographing a lingerie ramp show. Naturally with the kind of contacts Farah has in bollywood, it was only obvious that all the bigwigs would be there to lend their support to her. Preity Zinta who has been away from the limelight recently decided to attend the event, flavour of the month Priyanka Chopra is everywhere these days and she too attended the event. With SRK and Farah being best buddies, naturally one spotted Gauri Khan attend the event. And even Hrithik's wife, Suzanne Roshan was present for the event. All the ladies posed and hung out together, just like best buddies.


Farah Khan with husband Sirish Kunder


Farah choreographed this lingerie ramp show and naturally hubby Shirish was by her side, to support her. However this couple definitely needs to work on their style quotient. What happened to Karan Johar playing stylist to Farah, did he just give up. And Shirish seems to be in dire need of a fashion stylist, will somebody in the film industry please volunteer to help the man. Or is Shirish..still trying to get over his flop directorial debut, Jaanemann.


Raveena Tandon at the Lingerie Show wearing a black see through top


Raveena Tandon, the original mast mast girl also attended the lingerie fashion show. Ravs are you really complacent playing wifey and mommy, or like your rival Karisma Kapoor, you too intend to make a comeback some time soon. Ravs has already made her entry onto the small screen, but will she find an entry in bollywood after her long break?


Vivek Oberoi at Triumph Lingerie Show


Vivek Oberoi, where has this promising actor disappeared and what has happened to his style sense. First it was the terrible long hair style and now it's the weird dress sense. This actor seems to be going downhill on all counts. After his tryst with Sallu bhai, he's barely been able to get back to acting, of course the industry also claims it is his attitude that goes against him. Well's too late to apologise, so move on and stop begging for forgiveness.


Amrita Rao wearing a peach dress at Triumph Lingerie Show


Amrita Rao, the talented actress was seen attending the Triumph Lingerie Show. Amrita has not been seen much in too many films, is it because she is stuck with her goody goody image. Well Amrita did try to change her image into a sexy her film My Name is Anthony Gonsalves, but the film flopped and Amrita's image too was forgotten. Well Amrita, don't be disheartened, cause you definitely have talent, and with the right stylist you can change your image too.