Bollywood love marriages that ended in a divorce

Bollywood presents a picture of happy endings and together forever after. However, the glamorous marriages of Bollywood often come to a less than a glamorous end. Here are some famous celebrity love marriages of the tinsel town that ended in divorce:

1.The marriage of Karishma Kapoor with Sanjay Kapoor attracted a lot of attention, but things got ugly almost from the beginning. After a long tussle, the couple finally decided to part ways and the divorce papers were recently signed.

2.The story of Aamir Khan and his childhood sweetheart Reena Dutta who defied religious boundaries and married each other and had two children was the stuff of films. However, the couple separated after fifteen long years.

3.Hrithik and Sussanne Roshan started their marriage with a dream proposal by the Bollywood star on one knee on the Juhu beach. Their romance was often talked about. However, after thirteen years and two sons, the couple got divorced this year.

4.When glamour model Sangeeta Bijlani paired up with the very much married Indian cricket captain Muhammad Azharuddin, the media was abuzz with speculation. Azhar divorced his wife to marry Sangeeta and had two sons with her. However, after the death of their son Ayaz in 2011 in an accident, the marriage ended in divorce.

5.The marriage of Saif Ali Khan with Amrita Singh who is twelve years his senior attracted a lot of attention as well as disapproval from his parents. Though the marriage started with a whirlwind romance and resulted in two children, the couple divorced after 13 years.

6. The story of Kamal Hasaan and Sarika is full of irony. The couple cohabited and had children out of wedlock in the 80s. They quietly married only after the birth of their second daughter Akshara. However, this ended in divorce in 2004, reportedly due to the infidelities of Kamal.

7.The love life of actor singer Kishore Kumar is littered with glamorous women who entered and exited with equal ease. After his failed marriage with Madhubala and Ruma Guha Thakurta, Kishore fell in love for the third time with actress Yogita Bali. However, the marriage lasted only for two years. Reportedly, it was ended by Yogita who was growing steadily closer to actor Mithun Chakraborty.

8. Rhea Pillai and Sanjay Dutt were married in 1999 after Rhea stood by him as his ex wife suffered through cancer. Rhea also supported him during the infamous Mumbai blast cases. However, the couple divorced when Sanjay failed to mend his Casanova ways and Rhea grew closer to Leander Paes.
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