Bollywood Hotties at Gili Fashion Show

Bipasha Basu at Gili Fashion Show


Bengali beauty Bipasha Basu began her career as a model but turned it to acting, when she realised there was no pre-requisite to get into bollywood and the returns were much better. She made no effort in her debut as she played a sexy seductress which came naturally. But she has been trying to change her sexy image. Nonetheless Bipasha’s key strength is her sex appeal on-screen and performances are still her weakness.


Bipasha Basu at Gili Fashion Show


Bipasha Basu was earlier seeing actor Dino Morea for several years. But when she switched her career, she also decided to switch Dino with John Abraham; perhaps she had a premonition of Dino’s dwindling acting career. She recently also received international acclaim due to her dalliance with international football star Ronaldo. Bips is into beauty and fitness but we think an acting workshop could also do wonders. 


Sameera Reddy at Gili Fashion SHow


Sameera Reddy’s teeny-weeny item numbers gave her some much desired male fans. Her special bonding with director/producer Sanjay Gupta had also given her a few roles in films. But it seems like Sameera has a long way to go, especially now that Sanjay is back together with his wife. 


Neha Dhupia at Gili Fashion Show


Neha Dhupia surfaced when she did some bold roles but sank when they flopped at the box-office. Ever since then she has switched to doing ‘character roles’, playing the second fiddle like the heroine’s sister, sister-in-law, best friend etc. Well all we can say Neha is that something is better than nothing, right!