Bollywood debutantes don bikini

It seems that Bollywood film makers have made ‘bold’ their new success mantra. According to the trends bold scenes in a movie is a sure fire short cut to success now a days and everyone from the producer, director and the actors are ready to exploit it to limit. Recent movies from the Bhatt camp like the murder series and the jism series have fine tuned the use of bold scenes to the level of art. Even the Canadian porn star of Indian origin Sunny Leone was roped in ‘Murder 3’ to give the film the hotness quotient.

Naturally showing actresses wearing nothing but bikinis is a good way to attract the eye balls. Newcomers to the Bollywood are also eager for the chance of getting instant fame by simply showcasing their bodies clad in bikini. New to join the band wagon are Puja Gupta and Sasha Agha.

Sasha Agha is the daughter of the eminent Pakistani singer and actress Salma Agha. Her debut movie is the upcoming ‘Aurangzeb ‘, in which she is seen wearing a two piece black bikini. Whereas Puja Gupta is all set to enter Bollywood with her maiden film, ‘Go Goa Gone’. Though the bikini scenes by Puja looked effortless, the actress begs to differ as she says “I was lucky enough to shoot my bikini sequence at the very end of the schedule. It gave me all the time to prepare my body. Since it’s my entry scene in the film, I wanted it to just be right.”

 Speaking about this trend of portraying the actresses in bikini, trade analyst Komal Nahta commented, “Audiences love to see their favorite actresses in bikinis. Adding these scenes in the promos helps the makers get better footfalls in theatres. Filmmakers weave the scenes in a way that it goes with the flow of the story but it is primarily done to attract as many eyeballs as possible.”

Amod Mehra an industry expert had to say, “A woman flaunting her body in bikini is still seen as risqué in our society. So when filmmakers manage to persuade their leading actresses to do such a scene, people watch it with a lot of interest. Such scenes act as an added attraction for the viewers.”

Almost all heroines of the present time have flaunted bikini at one point of time or another in their career. We hope that Bollywood learns soon that there is no shortcut to success and instead of sexual content the focus should be kept on good story telling.
sasha agha
puja gupta