Bollywood & corporate- sparks with money and honey

Just as Bollywood and cricket had sparks flying all over the space, the similar is true of Bollywood and corporate. Perhaps it was bit stronger to give way to crush, romance, sparks and wedded bliss. The following couples uphold a sizzling combination of pelf and glitter.

1. Shilpa & Raj Kundra
Raj and Shilpa







The doting duo is the joint owner of an IPL franchise, a fight club other than Raj Kundra’s profitable business deals. Definitely, the lovely twosome is one of the leading money-spinning pairs to rock the sizzling horizon of B Town.

2. Karisma & Sanjay
Karisma and Sanjay

In them, you have another pair that could have rocked and reveled in the reaping company of one another. But then, with destiny’s interference the set plan might have moved a wee bit away from focus. As per the latest rounds from grapevine, things look to be going fine and the hazel eyed girl is all set for her second innings with ‘Dangerous Ishque’.

3.  Esha & Timmy
Esha & Timmy

The glamour girl had her deals with the restaurateur and according to the sources; sparks flew all over as Esha met her dream man, who could propose with the glitz and aura of a chivalrous knight. As per the latest snippet, the actress is all geared up to start her own line of eateries. That’s indeed a constructive piece of endeavor, something worth looking up to.

4. Tina & Anil
Tina & Anil

Perhaps, this again is a dashing recreation of a fairytale romance with the necessary frills from the stark reality.  Despite having to counter a fare share of obstacles, the duo stuck on through thick and thin. While Anil is happy to revel in the delightful glory of his corporate house, Tina manages to chip in with her charitable contributions here and there.

5. Monisha & Samarat
Manisha and Samrat

According to the latest piece of news Monisha is slated for her comeback spree into the filmy realm of Bollywood. But then, barely a couple of years back, the star was supposed to have found the steadying influence in the embrace of matrimony. Things which looked all hale and hearty, took a shocking turn with news of fissures and friction. Though, the reality is far from reach, it will be interesting to await the return of the scintillating actress within the folds of reel.

6. Amrita & Shakeel
Amrita & Shakeel

The video jockey turned actress seemed to have found her perfect match in Shakeel Ladakh- a businessman to have hit headlines along with Saif Ali in the not so famous punching spree.